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Upcoming Litter's

We look forward to welcoming pups from Ko Ko in late 2023, Astra in early 2024 followed by Tara and our youngest Electra as soon as her tests are all complete! The girls have outstanding pedigree's and all have excellent temperament's to go with their good looks!

Breeding with Hoss and Marlin, I am excited to see some gorgeous pups with these girls!

All the dogs in my kennel have exceptional pedigrees! With World Champion and Champions listed throughout all their lines. Just look at their structure and quality that boils over on these dogs!

We are blessed and you can be also with a pup from US!

Give us a call! Come meet us all!  We would love to add you to our Vom Black Bear Rottweiler family! Where we do not disappear after your purchase!


Astra Saetta Negri Rott

Is a daughter of Srecko Timit-Tor and Negra Saetta Negri Rott

Grandaughter of Doctor Timit-Tor X Nicole Timit-Tor and Japanac V.Haus Drazic X Tara Saetta Negri Rott. This is one top female with World Champion lines in her pedigree


Tara Nine - Rott has a beautiful head and body structure. She has a nice deep black and  mahogany color...a nice short coat. Her pedigree matched with Hondo is ON FIRE! 


Marlin Von Dinamios is our PHENOMENAL sire here at Vom Black Bear. He has a top pedigree with top names such as  Lex Vom Hause Edelstein,  Elly Black Allusion ,   Candy Vom Bosniak Rott and Diablo Timit-Tor the brother to Doctor Timit- Tor just to name a few! 

Here are just a few of the pups that our gorgeous sire Hondo has produced with  our girls Sareena and Iris. All 3 have been retired.

Hondo Von Dinamios

Sareena Vom Black Bear

Iris Vom Black Bear

hondo x sareena.jpg


iris male 2 A.jpg


Hondo and Sareena 4_edited.jpg


iris female A.jpg


IrisXHondopup Website_edited.jpg


hondo and sarenna 2.jpg


HondoXSareenapup Website_edited.jpg


iris male pup A.jpg


smilingpup IrisXHondo website_edited.jpg


IrisXHondopups_vet Website.jpg




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